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The 23 Best Cat GIFs Of All Time — Happy World Cat Day

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    What, you say it is World Cat Day? Sure it is, if you mean it is just another Friday here at Refinery29, and we are just a couple of responsible Internet-dwelling citizens talking, thinking, and writing about cat GIFs.

    The cat, it appears, may be the most GIF-able creature of all time, one whose tiny existence could easily be boiled down to endlessly repeatable 10-second vignettes. Cat GIFs are the haikus of the animal world, except instead of words, they are made of fur. Five-seven-five syllables, except fur-syllables. Furables, if you will. And, indeed, they are wildly unpredictable balls of fluff and claws that we invite into our houses and delight as they destroy dreams, furniture, feelings. Goodness, World Cat Day elicits so many emotions.

    Ahead, the best cat GIFs on the Internet. We think. There are so many cat GIFs on the Internet — the Internet is, after all, just porn and cat GIFs — that we might not be right, so don't tell us if we have forgotten something.*

    *Lies. Totally tell us if we forgot something and post it in the comments.

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