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Ghostbusters Reboots With An All-Female Cast

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    While Bill Murray can likely be found crashing haunted houses for Instagram photo opps, it seems he won't be invited back for a new Ghostbusters movie. The franchise — celebrating its 30th anniversary this summer — is looking to make a comeback. But, it would be a complete reboot, with a new script, new director, and new actors. Or, in this case, actresses.

    Yes, reports suggest Sony would like to bring back the series with an all-female cast. Though it's not a done deal, the studio is in the process of wooing Paul Feig, director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, into leading a girl-power rendition of the all-time classic comedy. And, though there's been talk of a Ghostbusters 3 swirling around for years — with a screenplay that's been written and rewritten and rewritten — everything planned for that would be scratched.

    With Ghostbusters 2 a solid 25 years in the past and all-new everything, the new film shouldn't suffer the same fate of other overdone franchises. But, if it does flop, we suggest following the wise words of Tracy Jordan: "Your boos are not scaring me. I know most of you are not ghosts."

    That said, we've got our own ideas for who should play the Ghostbusters and their supporting cast in a reboot that has the potential to reach biblical levels of awesome. You know, real fire-and-brimstone goodness.

    Click through to see who we're gonna call. (Variety)

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