Get Out Of Portlandia! 10 Epic Weekend Trips

Photo: Courtesy of Astoria Warrenton Chamber of Commerce.
We live for the weekend. So, this summer, we're sharing the epic destinations that are filling up our 48 hours of uninterrupted freedom in this new series, On The Loose. Get inspired, and then show us your own #Epic48 weekend snaps on Instagram.
Even before "put a bird on it," Portland was one of the country's best spots for farm-to-table dining, bespoke cocktails, and cool vintage shopping. But, once you've done the city thing and you're ready to get out of town, you want escapes that are truly awesome — you know, those hidden gems that give your Instagram followers major FOMO.
So, to make your next weekend escape truly unforgettable, we teamed up with Secret's Destinations and Scent Expressions collections to bring you 10 of the most kick-ass getaways that will shock your senses — all while staying pleasantly fragrant and feeling fresh. And, since Oregon is nothing if not scenic, we've found the lakes, stratovolcanoes, and forest excursions that someday you'll recall with a "remember when..." So, get to it. Mountains, forests, and the Pacific Ocean itself are calling.
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Photo: Courtesy of National Park Service.
Crater Lake
Distance from Portland: 233 miles

This may be a drive, but a visit to the U.S.' deepest lake — and the world's ninth — is worth the trip. As the Oregon National Park's main attraction, the incredibly clear lake is true to its name with a depth of 1,943 feet — a result of a volcano collapsing into a giant caldera, or more simply put "a crater."

You can hike around its rim, take a boat ride, and even drink the lake's fresh, clear blue water. We recommend making reservations early for a room and a meal at the Crater Lake Lodge — you're going to want to stay all weekend.

Crater Lake National Park; 541-594-3000.
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Photo: Courtesy of Weinstein PR.
Hood River
Distance from Portland: 60 miles

If your blood thirsts for adventure, join the locals and go windsurfing at Hood River. Or, to take it to the next level, you can sign up for a beginner kiteboarding course with a buddy at Kite The Gorge and let yourself be whipped over the river. Once you've satiated your adrenaline fix, plop down for a beer at Full Sail, a brewery up on a hill that has an outdoor patio with great views of the river. And, for a more relaxing end to the night, you can shop the downtown's cute main drag, Oak Street, or grab pizza at Solstice along the water.

Hood River, 720 E. Port Marina Drive Hood River, OR.
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Photo: Courtesy of Weinstein PR.
Columbia River Gorge
Distance from Portland: 16 miles

There is no cleaner, fresher scent on Earth than standing underneath a waterfall after walking down a trail surrounded by lush ferns and fir trees. The 80-mile-long, 4,000-feet-deep Columbia River Gorge has dozens of picturesque vantage points, but we personally love the Horsetail Falls trail, an easy 2.6 miler that takes you right under Ponytail Falls (how cute is that?) and provides great views of two others.

Columbia River Gorge, Cascade Locks, OR; 541-308-1700.
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Photo: Courtesy of Bryon Roe.
Distance from Portland: 175 miles

In central Oregon, the town of Bend is home to great breweries like Deschutes, named for the river that runs straight through the city. Before you partake in its multiple frothy offerings, try stand-up paddleboarding — just make sure to lean into the wind...or is it away? Then, reward yourself with a saline soak at the Old St. Francis School, a Catholic school that's been converted into a quirky hotel, replete with a restaurant and second-run movie theater.

Old St. Francis School, 700 NW. Bond Street, Bend, OR; 541-382-5174.
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Photo: Courtesy of Janis Miglavs.
Willamette Valley Wineries
Distance from Portland: 50 miles

The Willamette Valley is home to some of the country's best Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris wineries. First, pad your stomach with some lunch at Red Hills Market before you set up camp at Penner-Ash Wine Cellars. You can sit outside and enjoy its amazing vista views with a few glasses of pinot. To continue the grape theme, stop by The Allison Inn & Spa (awarded Travel + Leisure's best hotel spa in the U.S.) for a quickie grape-seed facial before a hearty dinner at the Inn's Jory restaurant.

The Allison Inn & Spa, 2525 Allison Ln, Newberg, OR; 503-554-2525.
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Photo: Courtesy of Travel Pendleton.
Distance from Portland: 209 miles

Three-and-a-half hours east of Portland is the town of Pendleton, home to the famous textile mill that's been in operation since 1909. After you tour it and learn about its signature way of weaving, hit the Mill Store to shop for the perfect wool blanket. Bonus: There's no sales tax in Oregon.

Pendleton Mill Store, 1307 SE Court Place, Pendleton, OR; 541-276-6911.
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Photo: Courtesy of Weinstein PR.
Timothy Lake
Distance from Portland: 62 miles

Head to Mt. Hood National Forest for a good ol' camping trip. Make sure to bring an inflatable raft or rent a canoe to paddle on the pristine lake. If you stay at the Hoodview campsite, you'll be surrounded by giant fir trees, with a view of Mt. Hood, an 11,000-foot mountain that stays snow-capped even on a 90-degree August day. Christmas doesn't seem so far away in Oregon.

Hoodview Campground; 877-444-6777.
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Photo: Courtesy of Astoria Warrenton Chamber of Commerce.
Distance from Portland: 96 miles

Two random facts you should know about Astoria: It was Lewis and Clark's last stop on the northern Oregon coast, and it's home to the house from The Goonies. Have a beer at the Fort George Brewery and walk along the pier, where you can see a colony of sea lions lounging around.

Fort George Brewery, 1483 Duane Street, Astoria, OR; 503-325-7468.
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Photo: Courtesy of Celeste/Daniels.
Distance from Portland: 172 miles

Florence, along the central Oregon coast, looks completely different from northern Astoria due to the beach's massive 200-foot dunes (try climbing them and you can skip the gym for the week). Check out the nearby sea-lion caves, and then book a sunset horseback ride along the beach with C&M Stables.

C&M Stables, 90241 U.S. 101, Florence, OR; 541-997-7540.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lee Webb.
Siskiyou Field Institute
Distance from Portland: 270 miles

Take a break from your constantly wired life and head to the wilderness for an exciting field class on one of the most diverse bioregions in the world: the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains. All right, so a natural-history class may not sound epic, but these mountains provide a wonderful respite from the drones of city living. Plus, the wildflowers are unreal — your Instagram feed will thank you.

Make the trip memorable with a night at the Deer Creek Center, where you can stay in a communal yurt complete with solar-powered bathrooms.

Siskiyou Field Institute, 1241 Illinois River Road, Selma, OR; 541-597-8530.
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