Prince George & His Animal Friendships

If Disney films have taught us anything, it's that royalty and woodland creatures have a natural, undeniable chemistry. Let's look at the facts: Cinderella's mouse-and-bird brigade were only happy to make her a dress from scratch, even though that would have been quite tedious/impossible. Snow White merely had to plant her fictional toosh in the forest before she was visited by her rabbit friends who worshipped her. Need we remind you of Ariel's sea-creature groupies? Girlfriend got tugged across the ocean by a flounder.
Well, it turns out the animated titans were really onto something. In his first year of life, Prince George has already made quite an impression on the animal kingdom. It appears the royal baby will befriend any creature that dares to cross his adorable path. His can't-stop-won't-stop attitude has resulted in several encounters with critters both real and stuffed that are sure to last a lifetime like seven years. Ahead, in honor of his birthday, six animal friendships Prince George has insisted upon.
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Photo: Michael Middleton/REX USA.
These are Prince George's first animal friends, Tilly , the family retriever, and Lupo. And, no one is more excited to have the royal baby than these pups. Nobody.
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Photo: Tim Rooke/REX USA.
The bilby is a desert-dwelling marsupial. George is a human. Both are wonderful creatures. Notice how Prince Williams is assisting the friendship by offering bilby-friendly snack
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Photo: David Hartley/REX USA.
George is curious but cautious with the horse, as it's the biggest animal he's encountered to date.
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Photo: Woolf Crown/REX USA.
Sir Cogrove gifted this stuffed wombat during the royal family's trip to Australia. The wombat may be fake, but the feelings here are quite real.
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Photo: Tim Rooke/REX USA.
George seizes the kangaroo doll with fervor, as Kate manages to look quite perfect yet again.
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Photo: REX USA.
His most precious friendship yet.

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