We Get Personal With The Internet's Hottest Cop

Photo: Via Steven Kyle Weller.
Law enforcement is having a major moment on the Internet. With hearts breaking nationwide over hot felon Jeremy Meeks’ enchanting mugshot to people losing it over the Channing Tatum/Joseph Gordon-Levitt lookalike dubbed the "hot cop of the Castro," there’s no stopping this surge of hotties arrested.
Folks from NY Mag, Buzzfeed, and The Daily Beast have credited Chris Kohrs as perhaps being the hottest cop ever, and we figured since he’s right here in our backyard, we’d hit him up to hear what all the buzz is about. We sat down with the hot Castro cop to get the details on his newfound fame, style, and um, role play? We’ve also rounded up a little slideshow of his hottest snaps. Sound the alarm!
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Photo: Via Steven Kyle Weller.
First off, congrats! How does it feel to be dubbed the "Hot Cop of the Castro?"
"I still laugh every time I hear that phrase. But, it feels good; [I'm] just having fun with it for now."

Um, had to issue any restraining orders yet?
"Haha. Yes I have — but not 'that type' of restraining order. People are generally respectful of my privacy. But, it's getting a little more challenging."
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Photo: Via Hot Cop of The Castro.
Some outlets are even saying that you might be the hottest cop ever. How has this newfound buzz changed your daily work on the streets? More selfies, we assume?
"Yes, a lot more people are asking for pics. I'm happy to take them as long as it doesn't affect my work. I can't stand too long in one place or else a crowd will start to form. Have to keep it moving. That's new for me."

What’s the craziest thing a fan has done for you?
"Uh, let's just say I've had a lot of people request that I arrest them...immediately."
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Photo: Via Hot Cop of The Castro.
Okay, your workout routine — spill it.
"At work, when we can't talk people into common sense, we find ourselves in some intense physical altercations. My training regimen is aimed so I can be most effective given these specific parameters. [I do] running, cycling, weights, and martial arts — about three times a week an hour and a half each session."

Folks are drawing similarities between you and Channing Tatum (with a dash of Joseph Gordon-Levitt). Is there a Magic Mike situation happening in your future?
"Haha. No. I can't strip. I'd just start laughing."
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Photo: Via Hot Cop of The Castro.
Single or taken?

We have to ask — role play?
"Not yet. Bad boy cop in the future with Velcro pants? Maybe."
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Photo: Via Hot Cop of The Castro.
How would you describe your off-duty style?
"Easygoing. But, I usually just keep to myself. I like the privacy I find at home."

First photos of the hot felon blow up and now America’s got a hot cop obsession — what gives?
"I don't really know why people are getting into this. Maybe because we're like night and day. But, as long as they're having fun with it...why not?!"

So, what’s up next for you following this Internet fame?
"Porn maybe? Just kidding. I have no idea."