Anna Paquin Is Done With Fairies & Now On To Mermaids


AP2Photo: Via @annapaquin.
Just weeks after wrapping the final season of True Blood, Anna Paquin has ditched her character Sookie's fairy persona in favor of something a little more aquatic. The actress tweeted two photos of herself sporting purple and turquoise hair.

But, this wasn't just a touch of dip dye. Anna colored her entire head in cotton-candy shades. "@Auracolorist just fulfilled my teen dream of being a mermaid," she tweeted. "@_smoyer [her husband, Stephen Moyer], whatcha think?" Stephen tweeted back is approval, saying, "Wow wife... You look amazing. #sookie is no more."

AP-1Photo: Via @annapaquin.

Yeah, we'd say Anna did a pretty good job of totally eradicating Sookie from her strands. That purple-hair bandwagon just keeps getting more and more crowded — maybe that's why Nicole Richie decided to ditch her OG lavender for a blue tone.

We do love the fact that Anna didn't just stick with one shade of pastel. By incorporating turquoise into the aubergine, her tresses take on a much more dynamic look. Conclusion? Don't be afraid to mix your colors. You may wind up with awe-inducing mermaid hair — and isn't that the dream, really?

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