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The Most Endearing Red-Carpet Hair Malfunctions

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    Photo: Tim Rooke/Rex/REX USA.



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    There's nothing as equally frustrating and hilarious as styling your hair to perfection, walking outside, and having the wind or the humidity screw with it. Your expertly polished updo or sleek-and-slick blowout suddenly dissolves into a mane of mayhem, and you're left to just deal.

    But, if you think you've got it bad, imagine that same scenario playing out on the red carpet. In a gown. In front of hundreds of paparazzi. In photos that will be blasted out for the world to see and make mean comments about on the Internet.

    It's happened to just about every celebrity out there — even the ones who have been taking their turn on the carpet for decades. But, instead of melting into the floor, most of these ladies not only took their hair malfunctions in stride, but they did so with the utmost charm.

    Click through to see some of the most endearing red-carpet hair malfunctions of all time. If anything, the poise these folks maintain will make you feel a lot better about your itty-bitty bad-tress day.

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