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15 Celebrity Photobombs You HAVEN'T Seen Yet

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    When you make a living by standing, mugging, and sometimes, you know, acting in front of the camera, restlessness can strike at any moment. You get tired of posing. Your neck starts to hurt from the smoldering over the shoulder gaze. Maybe your leg starts to cramp from all the Jolie-legging. Whatever the root of your agitation may be, the end result is — nine times out of 10 — an outburst of complete and utter spontaneity: the photobomb.

    Now, not all photobombs and photobombers are created alike. Some are subtle and execute the deed with ninja-like stealth. Others are in your face, full-body moments that can never be replicated again. (Good thing the camera was there, eh?)

    Ahead, is a master class in the art of photobombing. These celebrities #nailed it and for that, must be honored. Take note, dear readers, this is how to photobomb like a p-r-o.

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