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Rihanna Brought The Bad Gal Back With Aunty OhNaNa

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    As one of Rihanna's biggest fans, the absence of BadGalRiri on Instagram has left a giant hole in my social media life/heart. Since I'm not double-tapping my life away at each and every one of her selfies, the chance of me getting carpal tunnel syndrome has decreased — which, I guess, is the only good thing to come of her disappearance.

    But, like the forever unperturbed superstar, I've continued to live on. Rihanna has since taken to sharing her antics on Facebook and Twitter. (F.Y.I.: The latter would've allowed to post those nipple pictures that got her banned from Instagram in the first place.) And, in that time, Rihanna has become an aunt. Now, unfiltered images, ranging from Insta's square format to regular ol' smartphone pics, are flooding my feed. It's not the Rihanna I've come to know, but it's Rihanna nonetheless.

    BadGalRiri's digital hibernation has metamorphosed into Aunty OhNaNa, the cool aunt to end all cool aunts. It's a title only she could pull off. Aunty OhNaNa is a refreshingly softer side to the normally edgy, don't-give-a-what superstar. Aunty OhNaNa is tame. Aunty OhNaNa is gentle. Aunty OhNaNa is here and she's filling the void her predecessor so suddenly sprung on us.

    How much do you want to bet Aunty OhNaNa's niece's first word will be "selfie"? (I'd wager a lot, but I'm not one to bet.)

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