For Amazing Sex This Summer, Get Wet & Get Out (Of Your Comfort Zone)


As the temperature (and for us unlucky non-desert-dwellers, the humidity index) continues to rise, how can we keep the spark alive when all we want to do is stand, zombie-like, in front of a fan? With these tips, you just might be able to cool off while heating things up.

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Get your SO to help wash the car or water the plants, and don’t be afraid to start a friendly water war. With any luck, it’ll lead to something a bit more playful than your household chores.

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So, you never got around to booking that beach getaway; who cares? You can still find a more local change of scenery. Even if it’s just volunteering to watch your friend’s apartment (preferably one with AC) for a weekend, a new environment can shake up your routine and give you and your partner some much-needed downtime together.

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