The Celeb Guide To Announcing Your Pregnancy

The art of the celebrity pregnancy announcement — well, any announcement, for the matter — has become a competitive sport. The key themes are pretty basic: pregnant, baby, excitement, joy. The means of conveying said themes is (figuratively speaking) infinite. You want your news to stick. You want your news to resonate and not get lost in the deluge of daily gossip and Beyoncé headlines (she's on this list, but she practically requires her own subset of news). So, you pull out all the stops: Instagram, Twitter, hashtags, performances, talk shows, high-fashion shoots, you name it.
In the age of social media, celebrities have nailed the whole "I'm pregnant" announcement. And, lucky for you — whether you're expecting or just plain lookin' for some bang-up (eheh) announcement inspiration — a guide exists, even if you're not famous. Congrats in advance!