Zac Efron Wiggled While Michelle Rodriguez Did Yoga In Italy


When in Italy, one must do what the Italians do. Zac Efron understands this rule.

While spending the weekend in the Boot, Efron followed the lead of his host, Italian businessman Gianluca Vacchi. He danced on a table. He took his shirt off. He waved. You know, very Italian things. Jason Derulo provided the soundtrack with his single "Wiggle." (Ed. note: Tell me I'm not the only one that reads "Jason Derulo" in a sing-song voice?)

Two Instagrams posted to Vacchi's account are the only documents of Efron's Italian adventure. That's it, really. One could argue that if these videos were, say, of a corgi shaking its lil' tush to "Wiggle," they'd elicit more pleasure. But, give 'em a few views. Or, just watch in awe as Michelle Rodriguez (who was randomly member of the party) executes a perfect headstand.

Video: via @gianlucavacchi.

Video: via @gianlucavacchi.