How To Find Love, According To The Notebook

It's been a mind-boggling 10 years since The Notebook hit theaters. And while we wouldn't call Ryan Gosling old, he certainly is wise. A person could do a lot worse than to take his advice on every aspect of life. Specifically, when it comes to romance. The Notebook is pretty much the most perfect love story of all time. And, since Gosling starred in it, he's effectively a relationship expert, right?
Well, the editors over at Complex mag agree. So they've gone so far as to create an entire romance guide based on RyGos. Ahead are three of the best tips from "Saving Your Relationship: The Notebook Edition." Then head over to Complex for the full therapy session.
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Apologize quick.

"If you're going to say something, if you just can't stop it from coming out of your mouth, and you feel the instant regret drain your face of color and a knot of fear form in your stomach, apologize. Just apologize, and apologize forever. Let "I'm sorry" become the two most important words in your vocabulary. Keep them locked and loaded behind your teeth so you can shoot them out at 681 mph.
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Threaten certain death until she agrees to continue dating you.

"Never let go" is from Titanic, but it fits here, too. Never let go of your relationship, or the bar that your delicate flesh-body is hanging from.
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Say those three words.

Wait, no, not those three words.