Professor BooBoo's Guinea Pig Cuteness Might Kill Us All


boobooembedPhoto: Courtesy of
Ugh. Just stop it, Professor BooBoo.

Just. Stop. Being. This. Adorable.

Professor BooBoo, don't you know it's late on a Thursday, and I simply do not have time for your improbably teensy hipster glasses or your widdle fuzzy mouf?

Did you see what you just did to me? Mouf. Are you kidding? I have things to do, BooBoo.

I don't care if your clearly blessed owner, Megan van der Elst, spends her time photographing you in poses so delightful that I am, at this very second, in very real danger of having a cute-overload aneurysm. She's turning you into a social-media star, and it is ruining my very real plans to bury my face in my cat's belly because now I can't get you out of my head.

And, jeezum crow — you have guinea pig friends, too?

There are just too many photos of you looking alarmingly squeezable. GAH. STOPITSTOPITSTOPIT.

I have to go now. (Mashable)