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These Are NOT Your Arcade Mood Rings

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    If you're facing a wall of vending machines at your local roller rink and armed with a quarter, what would you buy? Temporary tattoos, sure, or those ever-lasting jawbreakers the size of our eyeballs would be pretty tempting, too. But, every style-conscious kid worth her scrunchies knew that mood rings were the way to go. First popular in the '70s, then making a resurgence in the '90s, the heat-sensitive stone would change depending on your temperature emotional state, which has tickled generations of arcade rats.

    Like most awesome things from our childhood, someone's found a way to bring it back. The Lake and Stars' designer Maayan Zilberman had been wearing a toy-store mood ring until her friends begged her to make her own line: Radar. "They're for girls who aren't into prissy jewelry. I was so precious with my [cheap mood rings] for years, and I decided to make a fancier one that'll last."

    The rings go through the whole ROYGBV spectrum ("The longer you wear it, the more it knows you, and the more accurate it becomes," Zilberman asserts). The gorgeous accompanying look book (of which we've got all the images) channels each of the six moods, displayed through a series of Tom Hines-shot photographs of Maayan's close friends. Click through to see all six emotional states, and then click on over to Radar to scoop up a limited-edition ring of your own. Not sure about you guys, but we're glowing orange over here.

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