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Exposed Underwear Is Back & Prettier Than Ever

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    We haven't felt compelled to rock a sag since Aaliyah inspired us with her Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin briefs back in the day, but 2014's version is merely a distant cousin of that '90s styling trick. We caught a peek of flower girl Taylor Tomasi Hill revealing a frilly pair of Harvey Faircloth undies. Worn underneath low-rise, distressed army pants, the seersucker-striped ruffle is like a DIY mini-peplum or a 3-D belt. Cheeky but not buttcheeky, this way of showing off your unmentionables is a much (much, much) more polished permutation of the whale-tail thong move we're hoping has taken its place permanently in the past. Sisqo — this one's not for you.

    So far, the ruff-top brief market is limited to a few beautiful options from Harvey Faircloth, but plenty of swimwear bottoms boast a similar silhouette. Pick one with a higher rise and substantial frill, and pair it with a tomboyish ensemble that lets your extra layer peek through. Brave enough? Click through to consider trying out the look for yourself.

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