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Kylie Jenner Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

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    There must be some unwritten rule to celebrity that states one must change one's hair color more often than they change their own bedsheets. Kylie Jenner, at just 16-years-old, has mastered that rule.

    Like Bad Gal RiRi before her, Jenner's chameleon hair has up and changed...again. No longer will her electric turquoise tresses separate her from the other Kardashian clan members. There is, in fact, nary a trace of any saturated hue on her head. Jenner's gone back to black. They say a woman is on the brink of something new when she changes her hair. Perhaps this "natural" shift marks the beginning of a new chapter. Her book with sister Kendall was just released and she's hosting the MuchMusic Video Awards tonight. World domination comes after that, right?

    Now, please, a moment of silence the turquoise, a color so few of us can pull of as effortlessly as Kylie.

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