Meet Nirvana Fans Outside A Seattle Concert In 1992

That year was a big one for Nirvana. It had just catapulted to international-star status, and this was the first time it returned to its old Seattle stomping grounds. Almost everyone interviewed feels the need to justify their presence there — demonstrating a palpable conflict over a hometown band making it big.
Among the interviewees were members of Kurt Cobain's family, one of whom had something very telling to say about the frontman's newfound success. "I have mixed emotions about it," she said. "Because, I'm glad he made, you know, enough of a success to make a living. But, some of it is too much for him, I think. For all of us, really. It's a little overwhelming."
And, while we don't want to diminish the gravity of what was to come, we do have to address something else that's really overwhelming us right now: mushroom hair. Center parts really had a moment in '92, didn't they? (Vice)

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