Kim & Kanye's New Wedding Pics Are Very Pleasant


I was out of the country and far away from an Internet connection when Kim Kardashian married Kanye West. It was a wonderful place.

And, until now, I've continued to avoid looking at their wedding photos. See, I don't particularly care for weddings, and I don't particularly care one way or another about Kardashian or West, except for the fact that I believe the public's general fascinated disgust by their coupling is weird, toxic, and maybe more than a little bigoted.

Yesterday, however, E! published a series of photos from the pair's ceremony in Florence, and it looks damn nice. There's none of the Belieber wedding crashers or the Jaden Smith-as-Batman business I've heard tell about.

It's just a few lovely photos of a couple who appear — in my ignorant eyes, at least — genuinely in love. (And, this, by the way, is coming from a guy who thought that shirt-hugging scene in Brokeback Mountain was too sentimental.)

See the new photos here. (E!)

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