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A Dress Collection Made For Busty Women

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    There are certain shopping phrases that become very common for a woman with a larger bust. "That backless dress is amazing, but not for me." "It's cute, but what kind of bra can I wear with it?" Or, "It fits! But, where'd my curves go?" At least, that's been this editor's experience. And, for women who can relate, Reformation has answered some of our not-so-favorite questions with the I'm Up Here collection.

    While the line is clearly nailing it in the name department, the designs in the new capsule collection are still up for review. Tapping into Reformation's cool, casual, vintage-inspired aesthetic, I'm Up Here delivers what the brand does best, but now with the intention of accommodating women with a C cup or larger. Cut outs, crop tops, and jumpsuits all make appearances, and once-backless garments become a bit more strategic to make room for a decent amount of support up front.

    But, speaking for women who've seen many a shirt pucker around the buttons, we know that the best way to judge a look is to try it on. Some of the styles are more daring (and, perhaps, tricky), such as the slim-strapped sundresses that won't fully conceal a bra, and low-cut crop tops that are meant to be a bit revealing. Others simply mimic the Reformation style we love, but with specific attention to a silhouette that flatters a bigger-on-top shape. Tailoring along waistlines instantly addresses that too-big-all-over look we get with some garments promising to solve our #bustygirlproblems. Ahead, the full I'm Up Here collection, all available now for filling out that summer wardrobe. Oh, you're already staring. Hey, we're down here!

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