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Reddit Is Your Key To Internet Mastery

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    Like any place IRL, the Internet is filled with dark, dingy alleys that one shouldn't venture down alone (or ever). You're always but one click away from tumbling down a black hole, only to tear your eyes away hours later, realizing you've just mindlessly consumed endless cat videos, pictures of bears in hammocks, and some Vine of a bro dressed as a girl ordering Starbucks and giggling. It's okay. We've all been there and will inevitably go there again. But, why not make each visit really worth your while. You know, strengthen them brain cells rather than waste them.

    Reddit is your secret weapon — the P90x to work your digital muscles. It's the place where Internet things are Internet things before they even become Internet things! To put it simply: Reddit is a social-media site aggregating the best of the web's content. The top-of-the-line material is upvoted by users while the rubbish gets filtered to the bottom. Subreddits further refine the experience by categorizing content by various subjects.

    Basically, it's a "living" encyclopedia of information that, when accessed correctly, can turn the least Internet savvy person into a bona fide master. All it takes is a user name and a few housekeeping tips. Wax on, wax off, fellow digi-grasshopper. The Internet awaits.

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