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Fashion Grandpas: The Most Adorable Internet Thing Since Cats

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    Do you have a fashion grandpa? Here are three easy ways to tell: He openly side-eyes young whippersnappers who never wear a blazer or a hat. He'd never in a million years step out without his shoes shined — and, on rainy days, covered in galoshes. He's so tight with his tailor, he's gone to all his grandkids' weddings, and they still get together once a week to play gin rummy.

    Well, now we can add a fourth to that list: He appears on the Fashion Grandpas Instagram. The account's only a couple months old, but it already features a wealth of stylish older fellas whose suit game is right, who fully embrace glen plaid, and who know there's no good reason to toss your wide ties just because GQ has gone skinny (because rules are for neophytes). We hope they never, ever switch to track suits — and that they maybe invite this advanced style icon to their next card game.

    Click on for 10 gents making geezer look good.

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