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The Orange Is The New Black Refresher: What You Need To Remember

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    Orange Is the New Black is back this Friday, and we can't wait. Hopefully the skies will go dark and the rains will pour down in fury. That way, we can curl up for 13 hours of quality jail time. But, before we do, we need to remember what happened in season 1.

    Are Piper and Larry still on? Are Piper and Alex still on? Can we have both? And, is Red in the kitchen? Or, is it Gloria? Also, what's for dinner? These are the things — important things — we need to think about for season 2. There are so many characters, so many backstories, and even more plotlines to keep up with. While we couldn't even begin to recap it all, here we highlight where some of our favorite inmates were when season 1 ended. Litchfield Penitentiary may be like a nightmare boarding school, but it's our nightmare boarding school — or as Nicky Nichols says, "It's like the Hamptons, only fucking terrible."

    Just keep on clicking to catch up with eight of our OINTB favorites.

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