Marilyn Monroe With Cute Animals: A Birthday Slideshow You'll Love

In case you didn't get the Facebook notification, Today would have been Marilyn Monroe's 88th birthday. The icon is remembered for many things: her voice, her timeless beauty, and her captivating screen presence. But, she was also known for her love of dogs.
Though she also once owned a cat and a parakeet, Monroe seemed to always have a pup at her side. Among her beloved pack of canines was a French poodle given to her by pal Frank Sinatra and dubbed Maf, which was reportedly short for Mafia. Prior to that, there was Josepha the chihuahua and Hugo, a basset hound owned by then-husband Arthur Miller. Rumor has it Monroe would spoon-feed Hugo Scotch.
Alas, the photos we've got for you today don't reveal any pooches with hooch. They do, however, show Monroe looking absolutely delighted to be in the company of dogs, penguins, and the occasional ape. Click through to view our tribute to one of Hollywood's most glamorous animal lovers on her special day.
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Photo: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images.
Just your average day at the zoo.
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Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images.
Josepha the chihuahua was one of Monroe's beloved pets.
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Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images.
Is this the world's luckiest dog or what?
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Photo: Mondadori/Getty Images.
Baseball, bikini, and beach — do all cocker spaniels have it this good?
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Photo: Photos 12/Alamy.
Monroe makes friends with a chimpanzee on the set of her 1952 comedy Monkey Business. Watch those hands, guy.