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Fantasy Dress Up: The Instagram You Wish You'd Thought Of First

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    For us fashion editors, playing dress up comes with the territory. When we're not putting ourselves into something new or different, we're dreaming up ideas others will love. So, it's not huge shocker that an Instagram account called Fantasy Dress Up is the latest one prompting us to keep scrolling. But, instead of crafting looks for us and you, this Insta-obsession has made its mark pairing celebs with outfits straight from the runway, paper-doll style.

    "Fantasy Dress Up is everything we feel celebrities should be wearing," creator Richie Talboy told us. He and his boyfriend, Lucas Lefler, are the creative minds putting Lauryn Hill in Céline, Helen Mirren in Marni, and Cher in Marc Jacobs' final Louis Vuitton collection — at least in the land of make believe. Similar to Textbook, the Tumblr hit of yore, or the Polyvore collages we used to make, Fantasy Dress Up presents a whole new way to imagine "what if?" looks. "We came up with the idea after we were bored of looking at what was going on on the red carpet," Talboy says. "Celebrities always seem to take a neutral approach. We wanted to give them a point of view. We came up with a list of celebrities who needed some help."

    With a little assistance from Photoshop and shots of the perfect celebrity head (which Talboy and Lefler say is the biggest challenge), the two post their would-be, red-carpet ensembles. We have to say, they do an impressive job pairing ladies and labels in a way that makes perfect sartorial sense. And, in case you're wondering which celebrity you'll never see on there: "Leelee Sobieski...because she always does it perfectly" Richie says. For everyone else, give the account a follow. And, click on for some of our favorite fantasy looks ahead.

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