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Alcohol Like You've Never Seen It Before

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    I've been a tequila person ever since my first Margarita. Beer is great, under certain circumstances, and wine always has its place. Whiskey can be a good time, too, and I've definitely had my share of vodka. But, for me, nothing compares to tequila — chalk it up to my California background. There's just something about fermented succulents that almost guarantees a great time.

    Of course, I'm not alone; we all have specific libations that we turn to again and again, because they seem to interact with our sensibilities (and metabolisms) in particularly agreeable ways. Which isn't surprising, in itself, considering the endless minute differences in preparation that separate one source of ethanol from another. These differences are the subjects of a photo series called BevShots, which turns microscope images of different types of alcohol into genuinely beautiful works of art. Click through to see what your drink of choice looks like. Tequila, as always, is beautiful.

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