Emily Blunt Took Tom Cruise To A Sex Club


Anyone who's seen Eyes Wide Shut knows that there's no use pretending that Tom Cruise is some choirboy. So you can forgive his Edge of Tomorrow costar Emily Blunt for inviting him out to celebrate Matt Damon's birthday party in London...at The Box.

For those not familiar with the nightspot, it is, as Blunt told Jimmy Kimmel this week, a "burlesque/sex club" known for steamy performances. Yep. Kinky.

Cruise's response to the X-rated invite was, well, X-rated. In truly annoying form, censors bleeped out the expletives Blunt claims the movie star told her. That said, he was still game for the racy night out, so long as he wasn't left alone at the end of the night. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

Watch the video above to see the British actress hilariously recount the story. Apparently what happens at The Box does not stay at The Box. (The Frisky)

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