What's The Statute Of Limitations On Spoilers?


Spoilers are the worst. Considering how many brain-imploding twists there are on TV and in movies these days, a ruined surprise is enough to make you go ape like that time Daenerys Targaryen made a secret deal with Tyrion Lannister because he found out she's secretly the illegitimate daughter of Sean Bean (just kidding, that never happened).

But, sometimes, life is hard. As a citizen of the world, you must accept that you will be both the spoiler and the spoilee at some point in your life. So, for those inevitable occasions, behold: a handy infographic for navigating the murky waters of dramatically unfolding plots. Print this out and carry it with you in your wallet. It might come in handy.

SPOILERS_infographic_WHITE (1)

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