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Please, Geek Out With Us Over Bumble And Bumble's Newest Launch

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    When Bumble and bumble launched its Surf Spray Foam Wash and Creme Rinse last year, it was like catching lightening in a shampoo bottle. The brand took the cult-classic status of one of its star products — the Surf Spray — and wisely created an entire range capitalizing on its magic. Predictably, we all fell madly in love with it.

    Recognizing the genius of this approach — creating a full line around an already super-popular product — the brand has wisely decided to keep at it. Launching today at Bumble and bumble salons is the new Hairdresser's Invisible Oil hair-care range.

    Bumble enthusiasts are likely already acquainted with the original Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, a potent blend of six oils that softens, de-frizzes, and protects against heat and UV damage. Basically, it's your guard against awkward-hair days. "The oil launched with amazing success, and from the early stages, our stylists saw the need to build a hair-care range leveraging this six-oil blend," says Bernard Zion, vice president of global marketing for Bumble and bumble. The range has been spun out to include a shampoo, a conditioner, and a hair primer, along with the original oil.

    While the launch of the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil line has us excited about all the pretty hair possibilities ahead of us, it also proves that Bumble is taking note of the products its customers want and then turning around and giving it to them. The expansion of a single cult classic into an entire line is a business model not many beauty companies have taken, but Zion claims it's almost unconscious. "We don't follow specific rules when it comes to innovating at Bumble," he says. "Sometimes we launch new stand-alone products, and other times, a product launch fits naturally within an existing franchise."

    Expanding a franchise requires considerable thought and planning — Zion explains that all the teams collaborate to see what products would make sense within a new range. "If there is a hero product, we ask ourselves if there are opportunities for other products to help maximize the hero's benefits or effect," he says. "In the case of Surf and Hairdresser's Invisible Oil, that included hair-care products."

    It's near impossible to not start speculating about what the next hair-range expansion would be — perhaps Cityswept? "I can't give away our secrets! What I will say is that Cityswept is a perfect example of a trend-driven product that we chose to launch as a stand-alone versus in an existing franchise," Zion teases.

    We're already imagining what products that collection might entail. In the meantime, though, we'll be mooning over our Hairdresser's Oil blessing. Want to shop it yourself? The line will be available online in early June, but if you're near a Bumble and bumble salon, you can scoop it up yourself right now. Click through to see all the launches and geek out right along with us.

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