The Best Instagrams (& Selfies!) From The Met Ball

A $25,000 party ticket may seem like a good reason to shut off your phone and get off the grid for the evening. But, that's just not how it's done. As for those of us who saved our thousands of dollars for something other than a plate at the Met Ball? We're very appreciative that the A-listers stayed connected and let us inside the lavish affair — at least, via their Instagram feeds.
The most surprising thing about the #metball posts was not the fashion or the famous-person mingling. Rather, it was how much the pictures resembled our own visits to the museum and nights on the town. We're glad we're not the only ones who ignore those pesky "do not touch" signs, take selfies in crowded bathrooms, and snap shots of late-night pizza.
Click ahead for our 21 favorite social media moments of the night. They say so much more about the 2014 Met Ball than straightforward, red-carpet photos ever could.
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Photo: Via @caradelevingne.
Stella McCartney gave Cara Delevingne a next-level welcome. Helium voices for all!
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Photo: Via @mrbradgoreski.
Not a bad day, Rashida Jones. Not bad at all.
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Photo: Via @karliekloss.
As if there was any other best friend Taylor Swift would have chosen to get ready with.
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Photo: Via @officialrodarte.
A Proenza-Schouler-and-Rodarte sandwich is the very best kind of sandwich.
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Photo: Via @bat_gio.
Giovanna Battaglia's hair is so pretty it could be framed, but we'll settle for a mirror selfie.
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Photo: Via @riccardotisci.
Pharrell in Vivienne Westwood: 1. Erykah Badu in Givenchy: ALL the other points.
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Photo: Via @erdemlondon.
Hamish Bowles had arguably the best outfit detail of the evening. Or, should we say, "decoration"?
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Photo: Via @mariotestino.
Even Jay Z plays peekaboo.
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Photo: Via @kendalljenner.
These fit-like-a-glove ball gowns are not exactly made for slummin' it in the backseat of a limo. Thankfully, Kendall Jenner found a more comfortable solution.
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Photo: Via @brooklynddecker.
Brooklyn Decker sadly raised a glass on Instragram with a "#notmetball #friendswithbetterselfies" caption. And, you thought you had FOMO.
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Photo: Via @chungalexa.
Not pictured: A museum security guard side-eyeing Derek Blasberg.
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Photo: Via @nicolerichie.
If it makes you feel any better, even with their $25,000 Met Ball tickets, these celebs were still taking selfies in what looks like a high school bathroom.
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Photo: Via @lenadunham.
"Met ball essentials- 'healthy' candy, gum disguised as Xanax." We have serious #respect for Lena Dunham's gala-snacks game.
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Photo: Via @kimkardashian.
The three amigos.
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Photo: Via @voguemagazine.
Even Met Ball tables cannot accommodate the volume of fabric in a Met Ball dress.
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Photo: Via @gucciwestman.
The greatest selfie of the night. Period.
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Photo: Via @sukiwaterhouse.
You know why Suki Waterhouse's Burberry dress is so big? It's full of lug-sole boots.
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Photo: Via @marinarust.
Met Ball real talk.
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Photo: Via @joansmalls.
We knew Rita Ora's thigh-high gladiator heels looked impossible to slip into on her own. Thankfully, there's Joan Smalls with the assist.
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Photo: Via @saintrecords.
So much happiness in one little 'gram.
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Photo: Via @lilyallen.
Isn't this how you picture the Met after party? Lily Allen, we're so glad you went there.