10 Surprisingly Insightful Quotes From Reality TV

You may not learn much about the global economy while watching housewives rip each other's hair out. But, one could argue the ladies do offer some valuable lessons. Take, for example, the art of delivering side eye without getting caught. Do we have to mention all the free legal advice you got from watching the politics of prenup agreements? Sure, many of the stars' confessional-booth interviews are comprised mainly of gossip and venting. But, we've occasionally caught a quotable gem in them — a diamond in a (very rough) rough, if you will. In a couple of instances, we could even relate to what they were saying. Ahead, 10 nuggets of wisdom, brought to you by reality TV. Because there are some things you simply can't learn in school.
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Tiffany Pollard may not have found love with Flavor Flav, but that hasn't tarnished her perspective on romance. Maybe your soul mate is waiting for you at the deli. Maybe your match is sitting across from you on the subway. You just never know where you'll end up meeting that special someone — which is why you should always brush your teeth before leaving the house.
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Even if you've never seen RuPaul's Drag Race, you should get to know Latrice Royale. She's like a glamorous fount of wisdom, which she delivers in sassy, unsolicited doses. Today, she's a successful drag queen, but Royale's seen her fair share of hard times. Speaking to her stint in prison, she reminds us that every time we stumble and fall is simply another opportunity to get back up like a boss.
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Of all the reality shows on TV, the Real Housewives franchise offers the best mental vacation. So, you can imagine our surprise when one of the stars not only offered some insight about the real value of money, but was actually able to say something intelligible despite her Botox-infused mouth. As Brandi Glanville so concisely articulates, cash won't buy you class.
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From the mouth of babes, you shall learn that everyone is kinda gay.
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Remember: Patience is a virtue.
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The saga of Sammi and Ron feels more cyclical than anything else. Ron cheats on Sam. Sam freaks out and dumps him. Ron says he's sorry. Sam takes back Ron. Rinse and repeat. And, in a house where there are nightly drunken brawls, Sammi's heartbreak seems even more painful than, say, that time Snooki got punched in the face. Here, her take on heartache rings especially true.
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Well, some relationships work when you're 19 (hi, high-school sweethearts!). But, in general, Lowry makes an interesting point. Being a teenage mom is not only difficult because you're in a delicate stage of life, but because you haven't quite figured out how to have a relationship just yet.
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It's no secret we love Lauren Conrad around here. And, she's 100% right about this relationship phenomenon. Is there some sort of Gotham-like bat signal that flashes in the sky when we're finally moving on? Are we unknowingly subscribed to some sort of text-message service that informs our former lovers we're over them? This isn't some conspiracy theory. Something's up — and Conrad knows it.
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Tyra Banks may have taught us to smize, but this feels much more profound. We cannot wait for our fruition of fierceness.
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Who better to remind us of this than someone who definitely grew up with a maid? Note: This also sometimes works when you're a kid. Except, you need a responsible sibling who's willing to pick up your slack.