The 6 Most Riveting Movies At The 2014 Tribeca Film Festival

The Tribeca Film Festival stands out among all the other international film festivals for its quiet heart and deep NYC roots. This is a festival filled with character-driven movies over monster blockbusters. It's also one big freakin' ode to New York City, but the name already told you that.
This year's selection of films ran the gamut from movie-musicals to intense explorations of mental illness to creation stories. It's no secret that New York City is a hub of culture, but TFF truly puts that on display. It's the little fest that could.
Narrowing down a best-of list is near impossible. There's no real theme to what's shown. So, we thought it right to focus on the films that shook us to our core — the ones that left us speechless, and, in some cases, didn't hit us until days later. Some are humorous, others incredibly dark, but all contain performances that will garner award nominations left and right. So, with that, let's reminisce.

Don't let the additional cast members fool you: This is Patrick Stewart's movie. Based on Stephen Belber's 2004 play of the same name, Match follows a couple visiting New York to study an enigmatic dance teacher Tobi (played by Stewart). The actor told Entertainment Weekly: "One of the principle things in the screenplay that powerfully drew me to this project was that a situation arises where a man is forced to analyze and reconsider incidents in his past that have changed the lives of many people." Stewart's descent into his own trials and tribulations is daunting. Come for the performance, stay for the feels.