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Kendall Jenner's Statement Nose Bling — Thoughts?

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    Another day, another Kardashian — er, Jenner — hot topic. On Saturday, we spotted Kendall and Kylie Jenner at Coachella with their latest It add-on, Selena Gomez. But, it’s the second-youngest sister’s accessory choice at Sunday's Lacoste pool party that really caught our nose eye.

    No stranger to shock factor (you may remember the Marc Jacobs show), Kendall rocked a giant nose ring connected to her right ear. At first glance, Jenner seems to be trying just a bit too hard sporting the culturally significant jewelry worn in South Asian weddings. But, on second look, we wondered if the budding model may just be tapping into something really special. Could this bauble possibly be the latest trend soon to be seen on hoards of teenage girls (perhaps taking Givenchy's famed septum ring to new cultural heights)? That’s where you come in.

    So, readers, tell us: Do you dig this latest jewelry trend? More importantly, would you wear it? If you answered the latter question affirmatively, click through to shop five rad iterations (including similar earrings, if that's more your style). And, if you’re turning your nose up at Kendall’s look, then tell us how you really feel in the comments section below.

    Photo: Chris Weeks/Getty Images.

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