The Secret To Olsen Twin Hair? Oils

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On our list of celebrities whose hair we'd like to transplant on our own heads, the Olsen twins are at the tippy top, right alongside the likes of Jared Leto and his magical hombré, Blake Lively's "I did this myself" mane, and Solange's beyond-breathtaking 'fro. That is to say, we want what they've got, and we want it bad.
The man behind that beachy perfection — and presumably the one who has been helping MK with the whole brushing thing that has been perplexing her for years — is celebrity stylist Mark Townsend. When it comes to the secrets of gorgeous manes, Townsend is the master, tending to the locks of MK and Ashley, as well as Lea Michele and Jennifer Lawrence. The man is a maestro of effortlessly gorgeous coiffs.
Now, while we love the tips and tricks we get from celebrity stylists, oftentimes it involves buying a product that is either way out of our price range or advice that is not realistic for us to use in our everyday lives. So, when we sat down with Townsend recently to talk hair, we wanted to get his insight on a hot topic in the beauty world and something everybody has easy access to: hair oils.
"I am obsessed with hair oils," Townsend told us. "There are so many uses for oils: conditioners, styling products, heat protectants." Since at this point even the biggest beauty neophyte is familiar with using oils for their hair, we asked Townsend to put his money where his mouth is and give us five completely unexpected things you can do with oils — those insider tricks that will give your hair Olsen-levels of amazingness.
Click through to learn his secrets, and uncover five new uses for hair oils that you never saw coming.
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Supercharge Your Conditioner
Townsend's favorite trick with oils is to make customized conditioners for his clients. "Oils with small molecules, like macadamia and almond, penetrate into the hair, so they can replace lost lipids and fatty acids inside the hair shaft," he says.

To make it, he grabs a bottle of moisturizing conditioner, pours it out into a big bowl, and then adds in 1/2 cup of unrefined coconut oil and two tablespoons each of vitamin E, almond, macadamia, and jojoba oils. He mixes all of this together, then pours it back in its bottle for the most hydrating, reparative concoction around.
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Add Mirror-Like Shine
While almond and jojoba have small molecules that sink into the hair, argan, says Townsend, has large molecules that allow it to sit on the surface of the hair, making it an unparalleled shine treatment. "When I'm on a photo shoot and need a really reflective surface and to tame flyaways, I take some argan oil, rub it in my hands and run my hands through the hair. This gives hair instant shine, instant softness, and instant smoothness."

He does warn that argan should only be used once in a while, not every day, as it is very difficult to get out of the hair. "Argan oil is great to add shine and seal the cuticle, but it can build up and actually block moisture from getting into the hair," explains Townsend. "It's like Chapstick — it seals moisture in, but it doesn't let in any moisture afterwards."
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Hydrate Fine Hair Without Weighing It Down
Townsend says he usually prefers using natural oils from the health food store, but that in some instances, it's actually better to buy the pre-made oils from beauty brands. One such case is for those with fine hair, as Townsend explains that traditional oils can be too heavy for their delicate locks. "I tell my clients to use Dove's Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment as a pre-shampoo treatment," he says. That way, you're getting the softening benefits, but washing the oils out before they can cause your strands to be weighed down. And, since most manufactured oils are made to be washed out, they are easier to remove than pure oils from the health food store.

Townsend says to do this weekly treatment, you should wet your hair, then apply the oil from mid-lengths to the tips. Clip your hair up or put on a shower cap for 30 minutes, then rinse and shampoo. He says your hair will feel so soft, you won't really need to use conditioner. Just air dry your hair and enjoy its silky, lush, shiny appearance. We won't judge you if you do a little shampoo-commercial hair flip.
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Protect Your Strands From Summer Fun
If you're looking to travel like an Olsen, Townsend says to make sure to pack some coconut oil in your bag. He tells his clients to coat their hair in coconut oil before a dip in the pool or ocean. "The oil will coat your hair and protect it from the damaging effects of chlorine [and saltwater]." Townsend swears the oil will absorb into the hair, so you don't have to worry about it looking like an oil spill when you get into the water.

He also says you can use that conditioner concoction in the same manner. He's made it numerous times for the Olsens to take with them on their tropical vacations to counteract the effects of the sun and ocean. "I told them to put it on their hair every morning, and keep applying," he says. "You put it in damp hair before going to the beach or pool and it will keep the sand, sun, and chlorine from drying out your hair."
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Master Sexy Bedhead
It goes without saying that the Olsen twins have a lockdown on beachy, sexy bedhead texture. Townsend's secret? He sprays dry shampoo all over the hair, then puts a few drops of oil in his hands and rakes it through the bottom two inches of the hair. "It's my favorite way to use oils," says Townsend. "It adds shine, silkiness, and pieceiness to the hair. That's my whole tip for [getting] the Olsens' [hair]."

This is another scenario where Townsend says he prefers the pre-made oils, specifically this one from Serge Normant, to natural oils. "I use the pre-made ones because it needs to dry really quickly. The silicone in those oils help it dry three or four times faster."
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