Winter Has Never Been Hotter: The Definitive Ranking Of Game Of Thrones' Sexiest Characters

Game of Thrones isn't just the most compelling series on television, it's also the sexiest. The show's casting directors have managed to cultivate an eclectic group of multi-generational thespians who have serious acting chops and who've apparently hit the genetic lotto, too.
The characters on the show are so distractingly gorgeous, that we sometimes wish they would take a break from slitting each other's throats and just hang out on a beach sipping daiquiris. Imagine Jon Snow and Jaime Lannister playing a game of life-sized chess together, while Cersei and Tyrion get deep-tissue massages on the sand. Wouldn't you love to see a sun-drenched Khaleesi in a lounge chair flipping through a Bauhaus coffee table book, while Ygritte polishes off a fish taco? Then, as the sun begins to set, they gather by a bonfire, Theon strums the guitar, and they all ruminate about how perfect the universe is.
Unfortunately, the universe isn't perfect. There are wars, and killer ice zombies, and red weddings. But, if you're going to have to navigate through all that muck, you might as well look good doing it. Here are the ones that do it best.
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13. Ser Jorah
Okay. We all know this smoldering exile has major hots for Khaleesi. Why wouldn't he? She's pretty incredible. But, if he continues to sit idly by, he may forever miss his shot. Here's to Ser Jorah finally growing a pair this season and not letting life pass him by for one. second. longer.
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12. Shae
Tyrion Lannister has had his fair share of experience with women of the night, but it would take this lowborn concubine's special cocktail of exotic beauty, uncommon wit, and a serious sense of self to make him finally fall in love.
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11. Jaime Lannister
Real talk from someone who has read the books, say, two to three times: Jaime Lannister may be the best character in GoT. Flawed, yes. But, really, really attractive, especially one arm down. Not to suggest a specific fetish or anything, but when he lost that arm, he gained a soul.
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10. Gendry
Of all the men in Westeros we wish we saw more of, it's the bastard child of Robert Baratheon who, if he wasn't a seasoned blacksmith, could have easily been a star quarterback at a high school in Connecticut.
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9. Theon Greyjoy
After the grueling torture he endured last season, including one devastating act that will not be mentioned here, we truly hope Theon recovers to become the brash, cocky young cad we first fell in love with.
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8. Ygritte
Some men like a woman to take control. Jon Snow is clearly one of those men. After the fiery Ygritte agressively taught GoT's resident orphan hunk the pleasures of the flesh, with the help of a steamy hot spring, our young hero has never been the same. She truly puts the "wild" in "wildling."
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7. Daario Naharis
It takes some kind of man to make the Mother of Dragons swoon and, based on their instant connection last season, this slick warrior is exactly that man. What season four holds in store for the future lovers (maybe?) remains to be seen, but if he can pull Khaleesi away from her dragons for, like, one minute, expect fireworks.
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6. Margaery Tyrell
The most tragic part about the future Queen of Westeros' legendary looks is that they're set to be wasted on a king who clearly has no interest in beautiful women, unless there's a crossbow involved. If you ever need some affection, Margaery, come find us beyond the wall. We'll be the ones playing Playstation and eating Cheetohs.
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5. Melisandre
If we can get past the whole giving birth to a horrific shadow baby thing, the Red Priestess is an unbridled seductress in the most classic sense of the word: a devastating mix of rare beauty and smooth talk that men start wars over. Literally.
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4. Oberyn Martell
Yes, he is a prince — but he is a sexy prince, from a sexy land south of King's Landing. (Remember Princess Myrcella Baratheon? She was sent to live with his people.) And, the Dornish have all sorts of sexy things going on: Open marriages, tons of bisexuality, kissing, a female-led society, some more kissing, and really cool accents.
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3. Jon Snow
Television hasn't seen a bona fide heartthrob the likes of Jon Snow since, well, ever. Sorry, Zack Morris. Sorry, Dr. Ross, but the Night's Watch's greatest hope is both innocent and unassuming, and incredibly brave as well. If the fate of the world has to rest on one man's shoulders, we're glad it's on his.
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2. Tyrion Lannister
Sometimes the best things come in small packages. This is one of those times. Of all the tactical masterminds in Westeros, Tyrion is the most cunning. It also helps that he has a heart of gold and the resolve of ten men. There's a reason he's the show's breakout star.
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1. Khaleesi
When we first met the aspiring Queen of Westeros, she was a meek, mild-mannered wifey-to-be without a say. Today, she's the impassioned, steel-willed warrior princess who found some dragons, found an army, and, most importantly, found a voice. There's nothing sexier than that.