Emma Watson's Best Hidden Talents

Make no mistake, 2014 is the year of Emma Watson. That's not to say that her last few years have been shabby, but right now she's simply dominating. Hit blockbuster movie? Check. A spate of magazine covers? Double check. Letting loose all of her hidden talents? Triple check. We'll pause on that one for a minute, so you can take it in.
Yes, Emma Watson is a woman of many, many skills. Beyond just, you know, acting, she's got all kinds of abilities we wish we could emulate. And, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, we just might try. Ahead, we break down all of the erstwhile Hermione's talents for you, so you can get to practicing. What, do you think Ms. Watson just woke up like this?
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Photo: ANG/Fame Pictures.
She speaks French.

Even though Watson is a through-and-through Brit, she was actually born in Paris. So, she not only nails a California-inflected American accent (The Bling Ring, anyone?), she speaks fluent French. Check out this video for proof.
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Photo: Via EmmaWatsonFan.net.
She's an accomplished artist.

A 2011 Vogue piece on the actress revealed that she prides herself on her painting and drawing skills. Her house is reportedly chock full of original Watsons. Finally, this impressive self portrait has surfaced to sate our inner art enthusiast.
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Photo: Courtesy of Wonderland.
She's a magazine editor.

Maybe it's those media studies classes she's taking over at Brown but, somehow in between all her acting gigs, Emma managed to find time to guest edit the February/March issue of Wonderland. The glossy featured interviews with her This Is The End costar Jonah Hill, her Bling Ring director Sofia Coppola, and none other than J.K. Rowling. Could a memoir be next?
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Photo: Courtesy of People Tree.
She's a fashion designer.

And, an eco-conscious one at that. In the summer of 2010, Watson launched a collaboration of ethical duds with People Tree. The line included fair-trade and organic fabrics in all kinds of chic styles.
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Photo: PacificCoastNews.com.
She's a certified yoga teacher.

In her recent cover story in Wonderland, Emma revealed that she's actually a fully trained yogi. She first sought out the zen workout to help cope with the stresses of constant travel. If only we knew where she taught.
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Photo: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
She's something of a comedian.

Daniel Radcliffe recently revealed that his Harry Potter costar once pranked him good on set. She had him in near tears after conning him into believing that his favorite band had broken up. Kind of mean, and yet so funny.
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Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers.
She knows magic.

Well, duh.