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5 Movie Meet-Cutes That Make Us Say: Really?

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    Ah, the good 'ol meet-cute. It gets us every time. Only in the movies do the stars align so fated lovebirds can come together in the most random of circumstances. Nora Ephron made an entire career out of the meet-cute. C'mon, Sleepless in Seattle? Where would a grieving widower call into a radio show, have a woman fall in love with his voice across the nation, and end up meeting her at the top of the Empire State Building? The movies. That's where.

    And, while most meet-cutes are, well, cute, some are so bonkers — so impossibly coincidental — that they beg the viewer to ask, "Really?" These are the situations that are too good to be true. They bug the audience with the impossibility of their plot lines, but pull vigorously at our heartstrings just the same. When "aww" mixes with "ugh," all that's left to say is, "Really?"

    Be warned: There are serious spoilers ahead, but you should've seen all these movies already. Really.

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