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One Year Since Bangladesh's Rana Plaza Collapse — Has Anything Changed?

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    One year ago today, the Rana Plaza garment-factory building in Bangladesh collapsed into a pile of twisted metal and concrete, killing 1,100, and injuring around 2,500. By far the worst apparel accident in the world’s history, the gruesome collapse was shocking but not surprising to those familiar with how the fashion industry — especially for mass labels — works. When cracks appeared in the structure, the predominantly female garment workers were told to show up or risk losing their jobs, and with it, the meager wages they received for working grueling hours churning out fast-fashion apparel for consumers.

    It was a horrifying wake-up call for many consumers, who until that point had no idea what conditions their clothing was being manufactured under. And, it provoked an outcry for reform.

    But, what really has changed? On the anniversary of an accident that could have been prevented, we decided to find out what — if anything — has been done to prevent something like this from happening again. And, to ask the next question: What is our responsibility as fashion lovers?

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