See Game Of Thrones Actors Before They Hit Westeros

The season four premiere of Game of Thrones is less than two weeks away. So, we've decided to help you make your Westeros-inspired medieval feasts and theme parties the best ever. You've likely already planned out your drink-every-time-there's-a-topless-scene game, to be followed by a few rounds of pin the you-know-what on Theon, so here's something a tad more wholesome for the kiddies.
Most GoT cast members already had showbiz careers long before they slapped on their tunics for HBO. We've scoured the Internet and unearthed 10 of our favorites. Now it's up to you and your guests to determine who's who. Okay, so it's not the most difficult of games, mostly because they all just look like younger versions of their current incarnations, and because, well, we've included their names. But, season four promises to be the bloodiest one yet, and the last thing we want to do is create more stress with a brain-busting party game. In the Game of Thrones, you either win or you die. In this game, if you don't win, it's kind of embarrassing, that's all.
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Theon Greyjoy
Poor, poor Theon Greyjoy. (Well, actually, now that we think about it, the little double-crosser may have had it coming.) Thankfully his sister seems to have his back. Similarly, in real life, Alfie Allen's big sis Lily (yes, that Lily Allen) has never left his side. Look at little Alfie, back when his sis was the only famous sibling!
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Tywin Lannister
Oh, you know, just Tywin Lannister canoodling with Meryl Freakin' Streep. Actually, Charles Dance has been acting for quite some time, both on stage and in movies, including starring alongside Streep in '85's Plenty. (In fact, if you recall, he's the only realized love interest of Ripley in the Aliens quadrilogy, playing her doctor beau in the criminally overlooked Aliens 3. Spoiler: He gets Alien-ed. And now, he's here to kill your children, ruin your wedding, and make your kingdom a very unpleasant place.
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Margaery Tyrell
In the books, Margaery certainly is no dummy, but thanks to Natalie Dormer's nuanced portrayal, the HBO version brings an extra complexity to the seemingly innocent character. Her very first role was alongside Heath Ledger in Casanova in which she wore a bunch of very fancy gowns and was quite cunning. Then she starred in The Tudors, in which she also wore very fancy gowns and was quite cunning. Seems like she has a niche.
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Khal Drogo
News flash: Jason Momoa is and will always be very, very good looking. The Hawaiian actor got his start, fittingly, on Baywatch: Hawaii, and then helmed the box-office bomb Conan The Destroyer, the reboot. Besides being the leader of the Dothraki, he is also Zoë Kravitz's step-dad, which is both cool and weird.
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Joffrey Baratheon
Fortunately, Jack Gleeson seems to be much cooler than his GoT's counterpart, which is good because it is hard to escape the typecast of being a horrible, horrible person (just ask Tom Felton). His tiny bit part in Batman Begins is ripe for parody — but here's an interesting fact. He isn't the only GoT player to have been in the Nolan films: Petyr Baelish was killed by Bane.
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Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish
Aidan Gillen has had a long and healthy relationship with HBO, stemming from his role in The Wire and continuing (along with Girls' Chris O'Dowd) with the upcoming comedy Calvary. There he is, playing a member of the IRA, alongside Helen Mirren in the '96 drama Some Mother's Son.
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Tyrion Lannister
Peter Dinklage has been around — and famous — for over a decade. (Please note: He actually starred alongside Gary Oldman, Matthew McConaughey, and Kate Beckinsale in possibly the worst movie ever made.) His voice as an advocate, along with his dimples, are something Hollywood sorely needs, and we are glad that Dinklage is finally the leading man he deserves to be.
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Brienne of Tarth
The only thing bigger than Brienne of Tarth's sword is the talent of the actress playing her. Before producers cast Gwendoline Christie as the Amazonian warrior princess and Jaime Lannister's guardian angel, the classically trained thesp was a mainstay in London's theater scene, as evidenced in this pointed (and pointy) still from her gutsy performance as the queen in Shakespeare's Cymbeline.
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Jaime Lannister
Prior to hooking up with his sister and getting his hand lopped off, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has had a decently long career being very, very good-looking. The Danish actor hit American shores in Black Hawk Down, and has had a pretty standard career playing bit parts named "Bjorn," "Dieter," and "Miklos" in larger movies. Thankfully, we'll see him next in The Other Woman, playing the nefarious cheating man.
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Cersei Lannister
As one of the only initial cast members recognizable to American audiences when Game of Thrones premiered, the British-born stunner must have felt some serious pressure. Unfortunately for fans of her breakout turn as the doting wife to Gerard Butler's war hero in the sword-and-sandal epic 300, her role as Queen Cersei would be a greater departure than anyone could have ever imagined. Scheming, betrayal, and yes, incest are all in a day's work for the wicked queen, and Headey wears the villainy well. Being bad never looked so good.