Is 13 Too Young To Be On The Cover Of Jalouse?

Can you guess the age of the young woman on the cover of the April issue of Jalouse magazine? Nineteen? Twenty-one? Actually, Thylane Blondeau is 12. And, this is not the first time the model’s age has caused a controversy. In 2011, she made headlines after her risqué shoot in the Tom Ford-edited issue of Vogue Paris. She was only 10.
The Paris-based magazine calls Blondeau the “next Kate Moss,” and the pre-teen seems more than happy to publicize the cover on her Twitter feed. But, we can’t help but feel a little weird about the whole thing.
Kate Moss was 15 when she started modeling. Sure, it just a three-year difference, but the idea of exposing a 12-year-old to the glare of public scrutiny makes us uncomfortable. And, while Blondeau's outfit is totally age appropriate, it does seem a little odd that the magazine so loudly proclaims that she was #BORNIN2001. Sure, this is an industry that celebrates youth, but what are the limits? Do you think this a step too far? To the comments section with your thoughts.

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