Preview Lady Gaga's New Video, Premiering Tonight (On Dateline Of All Places)

After months of speculation, frustration, and endless cancellations, Lady Gaga is finally set to release a new music video — her first in almost seven months. And it's not any of the fan favorites rumored to be the next single (sorry, fans of "Venus," "Gypsy," and "Dope.") Instead, it's for The Fame era throwback dance tune, "G.U.Y." a zippy Zedd-produced track whose style calls to mind legacy Mother Monster tracks "Love Game" and "Poker Face." The video for "G.U.Y." will premiere tonight at 8pm on Dateline (of all places!). The clip was shot at California’s Hearst Castle, and is rumored to feature cameos from the women of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With a setup like that, it feels like Gaga has "song of summer" dreams in mind for "G.U.Y."