Babes From The '00s We Should Never Forget

Frosted tips. Belly rings. Christina Aguilera. These are the hallmarks of the '00s. Though this particular decade didn't exactly ooze style, we feel it's not fair this era has such a bad rap. There were some good things that came from it. Namely, amazing TV shows, movies, and beautiful people. So, take a trip down memory lane with the guys and gals who once filled your magazines, walls, and minds.
Some on this list should share their aging secrets with us, because they are still just as gorgeous today. But, many of these former A-list stars have started to fade from the spotlight. And, that is a shame. These hotties shouldn't be forgotten. Ahead, 15 total babes from the '00s whom we'll never, ever forget.
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Jonathan Bennett
So, apparently Jonathan Bennett has been steadily working since he starred in the 2004 cult hit. But, for us, he will always our favorite Mean Girls crush Aaron Samuels. And, as far as we are concerned, October 3 is the best day.
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Yep, outside the halls of high school, he is still gorgeous.
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Elisha Cuthbert
Sure, you can find her acting today, but prefer The Girl Next Door we fell in love with.
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We might like her even more when she sports this natural, innocent look. So pretty.
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David Boreanaz
Long before Edward Cullen, there was Angel. He's the OG vampire hottie. He did not sparkle, but he did illuminate our hearts, and we definitely found ourselves wishing we were Buffy.
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At least you can still see him on Bones.
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Benjamin McKenzie
We don't have to talk about his choker necklace. All we need to discuss is the fact that Ryan was the babe on The O.C.. And, Marissa never appreciated him.
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If we had to choose, we'd pick you over Seth.
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Freddy Rodriguez
Handling dead bodies isn't exactly the sexiest activity around. But, Rodriguez was so beautiful we didn't really mind that he was embalming people on Six Feet Under.
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You were the only normal one on that show anyway, Freddy.
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Josh Hartnett
Oh, 2001, the year that Pearl Harbor came out, and Josh Hartnett stole our hearts. We may have had posters of him on the walls of our childhood bedrooms…
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Not every guy can pull off a beanie. But, Josh definitely can.
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Cuba Gooding, Jr.
Clearly, we have something for men in uniform. Because, once again, Pearl Harbor inspired one of our aughts crushes. Remember Cuba Gooding Jr. as Petty Officer Doris Miller? Sigh.
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Lee Daniels' The Butler reminded us that Cuba really can do no wrong.
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Jesse Metcalfe
Yes, he was on Desperate Housewives and starred in John Tucker Must Die. But, we're calling out his most important role as Miguel on Passions. You know you watched it.
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"Breathe innn, breathe outtttt. You are my passion for life."
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Jared Padalecki
We weren’t always on team Dean (although, we admit Jess was a bad boyfriend). But, we do understand Rory’s attraction. Dean was a looker. Who can resist that mop of hair and sweet, naïve look?
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Thanks to Supernatural, we can still get our Padalecki fix every week.
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Katherine Heigl
Once upon a time, Heigel wore the chick-flick, girly-girl crown. Years later, we still feel like halls of Seattle-Grace Hospital Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital are empty without Izzie. And, we may watch 27 Dresses a bit too often.
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With Christina leaving, perhaps it's time for Izzie to return.
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Chad Michael Murray
Remember that four-year period when we all fell in love with Chad Michael Murray as Tristan DuGrey on Gilmore Girls, Charlie Todd on Dawson’s Creek, and Lucas Scott on One Tree Hill? We sure do. Ahh, the aughts: the glory days of CMM and The WB.
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Rory, Jen, Joey, and Brooke are all probably still missing this bad boy.
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Rodrigo Santoro
Perhaps the most frustrating part about Love Actually is that this man existed and still ended up alone. He is the babe of babes. Marry us, like yesterday.
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Seriously, Laura Linney is crazy for not jumping on that opportunity.
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Sean Patrick Thomas
Save The Last Dance. Cruel Intentions. Thomas was part of two integral '00s movies. (Okay, we know that Cruel Intentions was released in '99, but close enough!) We're in love with Thomas' smile and general smokin' looks.
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Just FYI, Sean, we're in the market for some dance lessons.
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Jay Hernandez
Before you freak out that Tim Riggins is not our babe of choice from the Friday Night Lights cast, please note that we chose to exclude him because to put him in a roundup of other babes would suggest that he is not the be-all, end-all of dream-boat men. That being said, Hernandez (from the film version of FNL) has held our hearts captive for quite some time. Texas Forever. Okay, we're done.
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Texas FOREVER. (Really, done this time.)
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Scott Speedman
Ben or Noel? For four years we wanted, begged, and pleaded with Felicity to just make up her mind already. But, we were always solidly on team Ben. Even if we staunchly oppose stalking and time travel as means to win over a boy.
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Please, just look at that smile.