1 Girl 4 Looks: Jaime King Is A QUEEN!

Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
Jaime King started her career as a model when she was just 13. It wasn't long before she was walking for major brands, including Chanel and Dior. By 19, King was ready to take on a whole new industry and she successfully made the tricky transition to big-screen stardom, landing a major role in Pearl Harbor. She went on to take parts in Sin City, Blow, and plenty more showing an impressive range.
Now, with a resume that's more jam-packed than many achieve in a lifetime, she's celebrating her fourth year starring on the hit TV show Hart of Dixie, as well as collaborating on her first fashion collection, and, oh yeah, hanging out with her 6-month-old son — her first! We got a chance to hang out with the wonder woman off duty and at her home. Click through to see her A-list worthy outfits, and read what she had to say about babies, balance, and bravery.
And, don't forget to tune in to the CW tonight at 9 p.m. for a brand-new episode of Hart of Dixie.
Photographed by Abbey Drucker; Styled by Tara Williams; Makeup by Desirae Cherman; Hair by Giovanni Giuliano
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
You started modeling at as a teen, right? Is that what initially sparked your interest in fashion, or did that not come until later?
"Well, my whole life has been in fashion, essentially. I started modeling at 13 years old. And, before then, I was always obsessed with looking at the fashion in films, and magazines, and photography — it was always my passion. Being a girl from Omaha, Nebraska, I was always like the weirdo growing up because that was my thing. And then, once I went to New York and started modeling, that became my career, and since then it’s been embedded in who I am."
SECONDSKIN Dress; Giuseppe Zanotti heels.
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
What does fashion mean to you?
"To me, fashion is one of the most important forms of art. It’s the only medium where you can just put something on and immediately tell people who you are by what you’re wearing. It’s definitely a very important part of my life."
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
How has your personal style evolved over the years?
"My style is always evolving. But, I think there’s always a common thread with it. I’d say it’s eclectic and classic at the same time. I’m typically always attracted to the same sort of pieces. It’s interesting because as it changes, it also stays the same."
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
Not too hard to tell she's done a bit of modeling, eh?
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
Being a first-time mom, has it been challenging to balance your work with taking care of your son?
"Yeah, I think it’s definitely challenging. I’m a first-time mom, and there are so many discoveries that I’m going through and things I’m learning how to do. And then, when you add work to that, it’s definitely challenging. I’m definitely a perfectionist, so I want everything with my job and my performance to be perfect. And, I also obviously want to be a great mom, as well. So, it’s really learning how to take the need for perfection out of everything, and just do my best in each area."
Tory Burch jumpsuit; Alexander McQueen jacket; Celine bag; Alexander McQueen shoes.
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
Now that you have a son, do you find that you're more fastidious with the roles you choose to take on?
"Yeah, it’s got to be something that I really love and that’s really amazing to me, because I’m already playing a great character all the time [on Hart of Dixie], and have been for the past four years. So, it’s got to be something that’s really going to push my career forward or something that I just can’t pass up because it’s so enticing. But, frankly, I’ve always picked roles that way — it’s always been about how I want to live my life, and that definitely became even more important once I got married."
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
Speaking of Hart of Dixie, what can we expect from your character, Lemon, in the upcoming episodes?
"I think what’s exciting about Lemon right now is that she’s in a relationship with two different men, and she doesn’t want to let either go! She’s really coming back with a bang right now! She wants to live her life and not do anything she’s told to do. It’s a really fun arch for her character."
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
Your style is so on point, and you know so much about fashion and its history. Do you ever think about designing or working on a collaboration?
"Absolutely. It’s funny you’re asking that, actually, because I’m starting on a collaboration for the first time, and it’s for a baby clothing line with a company called Sapling Child— it’ll be out in year. It’s a brand I really believe in; it’s all organic and they only use vegetable dyes. And, I just love that my first collaboration will be something that’s for my child and for other children.
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
What stopped you from jumping on the collab bandwagon sooner?
"To be honest, there’s been this really weird phase for the past five years, where all of a sudden, every celebrity was doing a clothing line. It really made me not want to do one, because I didn’t want it to make mine seem invalid. And, that’s not to say that other celebrities aren’t passionate about fashion, or that I'm better than they are — it’s just that what I do, and the way I look at fashion, is very authentic. I just didn’t want to be just another actor with a fashion line."
James Jeans Denim Shirt; James Jeans Skinny Jeans; Tory Burch backpack; Giuseppe Zanotti heels; Chanel jacket.
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
What three items are getting the most wear in your closet right now?
"There’s a high-waisted pair of jeans from Frame Denim that I really love. They’re super high-waisted and cut right at the ankle — I really love the shape of them. I think they’re really chic and elegant. Also, the Tory Burch flats I’m also really into right now. They’re really beautiful; they’re two-toned and I have them in a bunch of different colors. I always wear flats — I barely ever wear heels. Lastly, there’s this really rad pair of earrings that I got from Veronika Borchers for Pearl Collective. I wear those pretty much every day."
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
We can see why she'd make an exception to the all-flats rule for this edgy pair.
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
What’s the best parenting advice you’ve received?
"Everyone says to take time to really enjoy [it] because they grow up so fast, which is definitely a very true thing. But, in terms of who I’ve learned from by watching her behavior, I’d say that Jessica Alba is definitely a huge influence on me. She was the first one of my friends to have children, and to watch her be able to be a mom and run a business, and also still have a creative life, as well, is really inspiring to me. Every time I have a question or freak out about something, she always has a really good answer. Her depth of knowledge about children and parenting is really amazing to me — that’s really why I chose her as the godmother to James Knight."
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
What do you love most about living in L.A.?
"What I love about living in L.A., is that this past Saturday we took the baby to the pool for the first time, and it's still technically winter! It was 90 degrees and sunny, and palm trees — it's amazing. Also, I love living in a place where you can have a city, but you can have nature, as well. The ocean is five minutes a way, and the mountains are, too! I love that there's so much beautiful territory to cover."
Camilla and marc blazer and jeans; Tory Burch shoes; Viktor & Rolf clutch; alexander wang t-shirt.
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
What advice do you wish you would've been given when you were first starting out as an actress?
"To always listen to your heart and to your own inner guidance. Being a woman in any industry, I think you're sort of taught to listen to everybody else, and please and appease everyone. And, I definitely get caught up with that, and wanting everyone to really love what I'm doing, or to really see how much work I put into things. But, at the end of the day, if someone's telling you something that doesn't feel right to you, you need to always trust your own instincts. It's okay to say no, and it's okay to have your own ideas. I don't think young women are being told that enough. I think they're being told to do what everyone wants them to do, and be what everyone wants them to be, and look how everyone wants them to look. I would encourage originality — and, there's ironically a safety in the vulnerability of that."
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
Looking back, what's one of your biggest career highlights?
"I think my first big highlight would definitely be transitioning from modeling to acting, because no one had really done it before successfully. But, I look back at those first roles I played — like, with Pearl Harbor and Slackers and Blow — and they were so much fun and were such amazing films to be a part of. I look at that time with great fondness because I worked really hard. I had to go in and prove to people that I could act and wasn't just a model."
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Photographed by Abbey Drucker.
You've been in the movie industry for quite some time now. Do you ever feel burnt out by it, considering how young you were when you first started out?
"I get more and more inspired every year. I started working when I was so young, so I actually felt older than I am now when I was younger. Things felt more arduous then — I think this is because I didn’t know who I was and I was scared. Now, I just feel more and more inspired, and I have more and more ideas for what I want to do with my life. Overall, life’s definitely gotten better and better every year for me. I think that with age and wisdom comes happiness."

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