Celebrity Guilty Crushes We Need To Come Clean About

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Merriam-Webster defines a guilty pleasure as "something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt." Using the notion of knowledge transference, it can safely be assumed that a guilty crush would be defined as "a strong feeling of romantic love that's typically not expressed but induces a usually minor feeling of guilt." Well, we're going to bend the definition a little because we've been crushing on these folks for too long and have to, as Madonna says, express ourselves.
These are the celebs that irk us, make headlines ranging from the most banal to the most outrageous, and polarize the general public. But, no matter what antic they've got hidden up their sleeve, we can't help but gaze upon them with a skewed sense of longing. It's not even totally romantic; most of these are more like friend crushes. (Okay, so some people on this list are regulation hotties, but it might be their bad boy and gal persona that gets us boiling.) Either way, we're of the belief that it's better to voice our appreciation rather than let it boil up inside before it becomes too much and we're drowning in all of the feelings. So, without further adieu, here are our guiltiest of celebrity crushes that just can't stay hidden anymore.
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Photo: REX USA/Rex.
Kanye West
Say what you want about Kanye's social antics, he could pen us a rap and poem all day, any day. His charisma and stage braggadocio gets us every freakin' time. He wears his emotions on his sleeve — and not in a sappy way.
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Justin Bieber
Yes, the majority of the Internet is staunchly offended by everything this guy does. We get that. But, his music is just — oh, what's the word — soothing? No, entrancing? No, nice? Yes, nice is the word. His product is like Pringles: Once you pop, you can't stop. Also, when you look past the hats, drop-crotch pants, and overall entitlement, he's kind of attractive. (Clearly, we're still in our bad boy phase.)
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Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart is the chillest chick out there. We'd be lying if we said we didn't want to kick it in front of the TV watching some Real Housewives live their lives while we knock back Bud Lights, giggling at how ironic we are.
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Adam Levine
Tattoos, a silky voice, and the title of Sexiest Man Alive? Levine has it made on paper. Sure, he's been known to not be the friendliest of gents, but all of that watercooler fodder disappears when "She Will Be Loved" comes on shuffle.
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Drake has feelings, and we like the feelings we get when we hear Drake talking about his feelings.
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James Franco
James Franco is an enigma. A shape-shifting, confusing enigmatic man with intellect, literary talents, and acting chops. The day he comes out with an album is the day we melt into a puddle and call it performance art. Go ahead, call us James Franco-philes! We're proud of it.
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Shia LaBeouf
LaBeouf is a mystery that will never be solved. One minute he's the dreamboat action star and the next he's plagiarizing text, apologizing in the sky, and wearing a bag over his head. Who/what is a Shia? Like James Franco, he's a mystery we'll follow until it is solved.
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Derek Hough
Honestly, part of us wants to become a "star" just so we can join Dancing With The Stars and dance with this fella. That jawline? Oof!
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Paris Hilton
Let's be real here: Paris Hilton is the most consistent celebrity out there. Her brand has remained the same since the early aughts. Girl's got longevity, and longevity is, as Paris would say, hot.