10 Things To Know About Theo James, Your Next Celeb Crush

Never heard of Theo James? Just wait. He's been called the next Robert Pattinson, but we think that moniker is selling him short (sorry, RPattz!). The handsome Brit stars in the upcoming Divergent movie — he plays Four to Shailene Woodley's Tris. And, without spoiling anything, we can tell you that he does a standup job. Not only is James totally hunky, but man can the guy act. He shows off his chops for everything from steely reserved moments to fight scenes to, um, more intimate interactions.
While this month's Divergent is the first many audiences will see of Theo, he's actually been making the rounds in British pop culture for a few years. Since we're always doing our best to keep you at the forefront of Hollywood's murmurings, we compiled 10 need-to-know facts about the YA star. Trust us when we say this is a guy you're going to want to watch.
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He's Going To Get Really Famous Really Fast

Seriously, we mean really fast. Die-hard fans of the Divergent series are already familiar with James from following the trilogy's movie production, but we suspect he'll go way beyond YA. He's already landed a few magazine covers and talk-show appearances, and attention is going to triple once the flick hits theaters. We hope he's ready.
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He Was On An Episode Of Downton Abbey

And, it's a doozy of an episode. Remember that time one of Lady Mary's suitors died during love-making? Yeah, that was Theo. He played Kemal Pamuk, a Turkish diplomat who came calling on Mary — but sadly didn't make it through the night. Luckily his Divergent sex scenes weren't nearly as harrowing.
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He Was A Harry Potter Nerd Growing Up

Did your heart just skip a beat? Ours, too. There are few things better than a leading man who has a secret nerdy side. James confessed to GQ that, though he was slightly hesitant to take on a YA franchise, he had his own guilty pleasures as a child. "I probably pretended I was reading, like, Sartre or something, but it was all Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings," he told the mag.
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He's A Perfectionist On Set

Especially when it comes to that all-important kissing scene. We were lucky enough to sit in during James' L.A. press conference for Divergent, when he spilled about his trickiest stunt. "I wanted to practice the kissing scene as much as possible," he said. "I kept being like, 'listen, we need to go over that scene again.' Genuinely, though, we wanted it to be as good as possible because that's the only time they [Tris and Four] get together. When they eventually kiss, I want it to seem earned and not just, 'Oh, they need to get it on.'" Talk about diligence.
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His Favorite Scene In Divergent Is The Final Fight Scene

We don't want to give too much away, so we'll just say that the showdown at the end of the movie embodies the word climactic. Both Shailene and Theo really show what they're made of, and there's plenty of butt-kicking to boot. "What was great about it was this really dynamic fight scene," James said in reference to the movie's final fight. "It's visceral and painful, and Shay gets punched in the face many times, which is quite hardcore. But, in the midst of it, it's really about her getting through to him through love. That was something I really wanted to honor."
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Unlike Four, He's Not Actually Afraid Of Heights

As a member of the Dauntless faction, James' character is among the bravest in the community. These kids jump from moving trains for fun — they also keep order and protect the rest of the factions from harm. A harrowing climb up the Navy Pier ferris wheel reveals Four's fear of heights, but Theo doesn't suffer from the same affliction. "It actually wasn't too bad," he told press-conference reporters. "We were strapped in and felt kind of invincible. When I was up there I was joking that I was going to test the stunt team and jump off — I was told I could do that, but I was still going to break my arm. But, I could still draw on those scary feelings and make the scene as real as possible."
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He's Still As Humble As Ever

It's no secret that James' life is about to change, big time. The actor is constantly questioned about his newfound fame and being thrown into the spotlight, but he maintains self-deprecating humor and is constantly playing down his stardom. "Maybe there is more awareness of me than before — before this movie people thought I was cleaning the toilet or something, instead of there for the audition," he joked. "At the moment, we just wrapped the press tour and saw the fandom, but I don't think perceptions of me have changed massively." Oh boy, you better brace yourself.
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He Didn't Always Want To Be A Professional Actor

In fact, he came to the realization that he really loved the craft during an amateur play. "I was doing a bad version of Patrick Marber’s Closer and I was on stage when there was a particular joke and I remember thinking, ‘This is not only satisfying but there is something really exciting about this,'" he said. "I thought if I could try to do this in a professional context, then it would be a really exciting and fulfilling way to make a living.”
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He Comes To The Rescue In Real-Life Situations, Too

That's right, he doesn't just play a hero in movies — he comes in handy during real-life emergencies! Zoe Kravitz shared with SheKnows that a giant gust of wind caused a trailer door to slam down on her face during filming, and who should show up to tend to her wounds but Theo James? "The door slams shut…and I just feel the blood coming down," she said. Theo then had her lie down and applied ice. "Being the gentleman that he is…he was like, 'Do you want to see it or do you not want to see it? It's not that bad, but it's kind of bad'" And, of course, Zoe ended up just fine.
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If He Were Living In Divergent's World, He Would Choose Dauntless — Duh

Not scared of heights, not squeamish around blood — this guy's as fearless off screen as he is in character. As he told Huffington Post, he wouldn't shy away from the Dauntless faction's many responsibilities. "I'd be Dauntless because you can get f*cked up and have the most fun," he said. "They can drink. They can eat what they want. Also, the babes are hotter." Well, there you have it, folks.