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YA Series That Adults Should Get Lost In

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    Sure, young-adult books come with a recommended age, but we have always been fans of breaking the rules or, better yet, creating our own. And, there is something about the struggles of youth that seem universal. Now that we are grown-up, we may not be trying to figure out how to define our new relationship, how to balance time between our school work and friends, how to get our voice heard, and how to reach our dreams anymore. Okay, scratch that, we are still trying to figure out all of those things, and that is why these books from our past are just as appealing today.

    In some weird way, some part of us is still the teenager we thought we left behind, trying to find our best selves and prove to the people around us that they should take a chance on us. We just have learned some important lessons between now and then. That is one of the great things about reading young-adult series as an adult — you can connect to the characters on the big stuff, feel nostalgic as you read about their first loves and heartbreaks, and smile knowingly when the protagonist finally starts figuring it out. YA novels provide the comfort of reuniting with old high school friends, without the awkward silences, questions, and memories.

    Now that you have finished all of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Divergent books, here are the 10 series that you should revisit (or dive into for the first time) now that you are wise enough to appreciate the age-defying wisdom. Seriously, just cancel your weekend plans now.

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