Jessy Lanza Is The SXSW Breakout Act You Need To Know

jl-embedPhoto: Courtesy of Redeye.
With festival season approaching and artists embarking on tours that will take them through the summer and beyond, we thought it would be fun to play a round of a classic road-trip game with some of our favorite musicians. This is 20 Questions, Festival Tracker style.
Experimental pop singer Jessy Lanza is one of the most exciting voices in music right now — quite literally. Preferring to sing over Jeremy Greenspan's off-kilter beats, which she imbues with her own sultry spin, the Hamilton, Ontario-native's sound is utterly captivating. For this edition of 20 Questions, the Hyperdub artist shares her favorite road-trip album, long-drive tradition, and energy drink of choice.
Go-to fast food on tour:
Favorite karaoke song:
"'Don't Dream It's Over' by Crowded House."
Worst on-tour sleep situation:
"No bed sucks."
Go-to outfit for the stage:
"I'm bad at dressing myself."
Best random on-the-road purchase:
"Fancy American smokes."
Favorite phone game:
Venue you're most excited to play:
"Terminal 5."
Energy drink of choice:
Best set you've seen lately:
"Doobie Freaks."
Favorite album for a long drive:
"The Field — Cupid's Head."
Check out the rest of the interview ahead.
The thing you're most looking forward to at SXSW:
"Going to Texas."
Most important item to pack before going on tour:
"My passport."
Best gift from a fan:
"No presents."
Most days without showering:
Favorite road-trip game:
"Would you rather."
One thing you miss most about being home:
"I like being away from home."
Fantasy musician you'd open for:
"Vanity 6."
Favorite on-the-road tradition:
Least favorite place to drive through:
"I like most places."
If you had a band name (that wasn't yours), what would it be:
"Reverse Hooker."

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