This App Teaches Oral Sex Techniques By Having You Lick Your Phone — & We Tried It

This, of course, is not only sexist, but just plain lazy. Female sexual pleasure is often more complex than that of men, so yes, guys, a little practice goes a long way. Which brings us to Lick This, a web app that teaches tongue acrobatics by — what else? — having you lick your phone. Yep, you read that right.
The app, designed by a frisky group of San Francisco creatives that call themselves Club Sexy Time, is as simple as they come. You and your tongue are presented with three exercises: flipping a switch, sharpening a pencil, and bouncing a beach ball. The app counts how many times you successfully complete each technique, and that's pretty much it — there's no real goal here, other than practice, practice, practice.
But, does it work? (That is, can the phone really pick up your slimy tongue movements?) Well, readers, here at R29 Wellness, we are fully committed to providing you with the sort of peerless, impeccably researched coverage to which you have become accustomed. So, this writer (who, incidentally, understands as much about cunnilingus as Miley Cyrus knows about the importance of subtlety) actually tried it out. Don't worry — I Purelled the bejeezus out of my 4S beforehand.
Honestly, while I can definitely say that I learned a lot in the technique department, a little feedback would have been nice. Still, though, for all those out there whose significant other is in serious need of a crash course in oral, this option just might be of some use. At the very least, it's a fun way to start what might be a difficult conversation. (Fast CoCreate)