Rad or Bad: The Rag Ponytail


Every once in a while, it's cool to be crafty with your hairstyle. Look around your house and you might discover a multitude of items that can be hacked into hair accessories, like with this truly inventive style from the Chanel fall 2014 presentation. Love it or loathe it, it's a whole lotta look, ladies — one powerful enough to have the fashion and beauty departments around the world talking about it.

The question isn't necessarily what's in this textured ponytail as much as what isn't. Hair stylist Sam McKnight even explained how he got the look in one of his own shots. "I exaggerated a simple pony and blew it up in proportion and detail, incorporating crimped extensions, braided hair in multicoloured Chanel tweed rags, lace and pearls," he says. "I used fudge salt spray then Oribe texturiser to create a dry volume which was then crimped randomly, woven and braided with the Chanel fabrics, and fastened at the base with one of the woven braids."

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This is hands down one of our favorite looks from the fall runway season. It's cool, it's different and, quite frankly, it's genius to use the brand's fabric remnants in the actual style. Are you feeling the look as much as we are, or is this not for you? Let's split some hairs in the comments below.

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