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This Is One Use Of Photoshop We Won't Challenge

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    Photoshop has become a buzzword faster than one can switch a color photo to black-and-white. It's the first thing we talk about when looking at magazine spreads. "Wow! Look at the work they did to her," we say, stunned, and sooner or later, someone somewhere will write something bringing the tool down.

    Cheyenne Randall, however, uses Photoshop a little differently. He alters celebrities, sure, but for the sake of #art. Randall photoshops tattoos on famous celebrity portraits, basically transforming them into full-on hipster/Suicide Girls and Boys. His virtual tattoo gun doesn't stop at one, though: Randall gives full-body tats to the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Prince. Heck, even Prince William and Kate Middleton got inked.

    Chatting with The Today Show, Randall revealed that after drawing tattoos on personalties in magazines, he taught himself Photoshop and the rest is history. He considers it a "slight obsession;" we'd like to call it brilliant trickery. Imagine if these personalities traversed the Williamsburg Bridge and frequented dive bars with free pizza. Now that would make for a fabulous fan-fic. (Today)

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